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Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?

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Summer is definitely on the way, and many home owners may begin to think about checking their air conditioning to see if it is in prime condition before spring is over. The last thing you want is to get to summer and find that your AC isn’t working as it should. Here are 4 simple steps to make sure your AC is working great so your summer stays nice and cool!

1 – Test

We always advise that you run the air conditioning system occasionally over winter and spring. This allows you to make sure that it is actually working as it should. It also means that the system is circulating the gasses which quite often contain lubricants and additives that help maintain the system. A simple test also can give you the peace of mind that you will have plenty of time in case a repair is needed.

2 – Filters

Changing the filters in your system will improve efficiency and ensure you that there will be no debris circulating. Added litter within your system can actually cause some pretty big problems, even if it looks almost microscopic. A good maintenance schedule will mean that filters are generally replaced anyway, but they are always worth checking. How often should you change them? That depends on the quality and type of filter. Most standard 1 inch filters need to be changed monthly, while pleated filters can last longer. An indicator is to hold the filter up to a light to see if the light can filter through. If not, time to replace.

3 – Inspection

Depending on where your unit is located (outdoors for example), could mean an extra bit of work before getting the system running again – make sure that the outdoor unit is thoroughly cleaned of any debris (leaves, twigs, small animals, etc.) before use. Give the system a thorough inspection and make sure that there aren’t any major & visible problems, call out a professional from Western Heating and Air if something seems wrong.

4 – Professional

Having a professional member of our team look at the system before running it up is always sensible, as they can advise you as to what should or shouldn’t be done to run the system. They can also ensure that the system is working at peak efficiency, meaning your bills will be the lowest they can be.

For more information on spring maintenance, talk to one of our friendly and professional team members at (801) 224-8899 or www.westernheatingair.com and we’ll be glad to help. Stay cool!

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