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Drain Cleaning Services in Orem, UT & the Surrounding Areas

Are you in need of professional drain cleaning services in Orem or Lehi? At Western Heating, Air & Plumbing, we offer comprehensive drain cleaning services to address a wide range of issues because we understand the importance of a properly functioning drainage system for the comfort and convenience of your home. From minor clogs to significant blockages, our team provides efficient and effective solutions to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

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Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Our drain cleaning services are comprehensive and designed to address various issues. Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, slow drainage, or foul odors emanating from your drains, we have the expertise and equipment to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Our highly trained technicians can tackle the toughest drain blockages using state-of-the-art tools and techniques. From traditional snaking methods to hydro jetting technology, we have the resources to clear your pipes and restore proper flow.

Common Drain Issues in UT

By proactively addressing these common drain issues, homeowners can prevent costly repairs and ensure the smooth operation of their plumbing systems.

  • Hard water buildup: Utah is known for its hard water, which can lead to mineral deposits accumulating in drains over time. These deposits can cause clogs and reduce water flow.
  • Tree root intrusion: In older neighborhoods with mature trees, tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines underground, causing blockages and potentially damaging the pipes.
  • Mineral scale accumulation: Like hard water buildup, mineral scale accumulation is a common issue in Utah due to the high mineral content in the water. This scale can coat the inside of pipes, leading to reduced flow and increased risk of clogs.
  • Grease & fat buildup: Many Utah households enjoy cooking homemade meals, which can result in the improper disposal of grease and fats down the drain. Over time, these substances can solidify and create blockages in the pipes.
  • Winter freezing: During Utah’s cold winters, water in outdoor pipes and drains can freeze, causing them to expand and potentially crack or burst. This can lead to leaks and blockages once the ice thaws.

If you’re experiencing any problems, call (801) 224-8899 to schedule professional drain cleaning services.

Our Drain Cleaning Process

We take a comprehensive approach to drain cleaning to ensure thorough results and long-lasting solutions. First, we assess your drains to understand the problem. If needed, we use hydro jetting, a powerful method that blasts water into the pipes to break up any blockages like debris, grease, roots, or mineral deposits. It’s safe for your pipes and leaves them clean.

If hydro jetting isn’t the right fit, we use traditional snaking to clear clogs and restore proper flow. Once cleaning is done, we check your drains with a video inspection to ensure everything’s working as it should.

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Why Choose Western for Drain Cleaning?

Since 1995, Western Heating, Air & Plumbing has offered exceptional plumbing services in Orem and its surrounding areas. We’re deeply involved in our community, supporting initiatives like the Emily Effect. Our 24/7 emergency services guarantee assistance whenever you need it. You can trust us for transparent, affordable pricing without overtime charges or hidden fees. The red handkerchief embodies our commitment to delivering our best work, ensuring it’s done right the first time.

Call us at (801) 224-8899 to schedule professional drain cleaning services in Orem, Lehi, and the surrounding Utah Valley area.


How often should I schedule drain cleaning services?

We recommend scheduling drain cleaning services annually to prevent buildup and avoid potential clogs. Regular maintenance can help prolong the life of your plumbing system and prevent costly repairs down the road.

What are signs that I need drain cleaning?

Slow drainage, gurgling noises, or foul odors from your drains indicate potential clogs or blockages. If you notice any of these issues, scheduling professional drain cleaning is best to prevent further problems.