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AC Tune Up & AC Maintenance Service in Orem & Lehi, UT

When the temperature outside starts to warm up, it’s a great time to go ahead and have your air conditioner serviced for the year. You may wonder if this service is worth it or not. AC tune up is very well worth it and have a number of proven benefits that you as a homeowner will enjoy for the rest of the year.

We Will Service Any System

Have an older central air conditioning system? Or maybe a newer heat pump? No matter your cooling system, we can service it! From ductless mini-splits to any brand air conditioner, our AC maintenance service will get your system running better than ever!

Check out our video below to find out why it is so important to have your AC serviced every year.

Western’s 30-Point AC Tune Up

The air conditioning maintenance service from Western Heating & Air is a thorough inspection, cleansing and upkeep of your system. We go through a 30-point checklist of items in this service, including cleaning the condenser coils, calibrating your thermostat, and making sure your coolant levels are adequate. After our service, we will go through the ac tune-up process and findings with you so that you are up to speed on how your system is performing.

Why Should I Get An AC Maintenance Service?

There are a number of reasons why an ac  tune up would benefit your home’s air conditioner. This service has been proven to:

  • Lower Energy Bills – Regular maintenance helps a system to run at its most efficient, which means it will not use as much energy. An HVAC can be a huge energy sucker, so having one that runs efficiently will mean more money in your pocket.
  • Higher Performance – AC Tune ups help a unit to work better, which means you and your family are more comfortable. It’s why you have a cooling system to begin with, so make sure you are cool and comfortable all summer.
  • Fewer Repairs – A maintenance service detects minor problems before they turn into major repairs. It also prevents repairs from popping up down the road, saving you on potential repair costs and a lot of hassle.
  • Longer Lifespan – Regular AC tune ups extend the lifespan of a cooling system. Not only will your unit work better, but for longer too.

Western Savings Club Membership

We get that life is busy and regular HVAC maintenance is not always first and foremost in your mind. That is why we offer membership to our Western Savings Club! With membership, you receive automatic maintenance services as well as a number of other benefits, including VIP priority service and no after hours fees.

Our Partnership

When you work with the Western Heating & Air team, you are working with true partners on your home comfort. We care about our customers and their homes, which is why we strive to provide the best in customer service and quality workmanship. To that end, we offer:

  • Extended Hours – We are open for regular business Monday – Saturday from 8 – 8.
  • Expert Technicians – Our team is highly experienced and trained regularly in order to provide you with the best in service. Service From A Family Business – As a local family owned and operated business, we are part of your community and have served this area for over 25 years.
  • Expert Technicians – Our team is highly experienced and trained regularly in order to provide you with the best in service. Service From A Family Business – As a local family owned and operated business, we are part of your community and have served this area for over 25 years.

Are you ready to sign up for a maintenance service? Give Western a call today at (801) 224-8899 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

How much does it cost to get my home AC system serviced?

The typical yearly maintenance expense for an air conditioner is between $100 and $150. The average homeowner spends roughly $125 on cleaning and an AC tune-up, which includes examining, tightening and testing all parts, as well as minor part replacement, such as an air filter or coil cleaning.

What is included in a residential AC system maintenance service?

  • Thorough coil, drain and element cleaning.
  • Examining electrical connections, motor movements and thermostat functionality.
  • Keeping track of refrigerant pressure.
  • Safety controls being tested.
  • Lubricating moving components.

These are just a few of the basic AC maintenance tasks that can help to extend the life of your air conditioning system and reduce the need for costly repairs.

How often should you have your home AC unit serviced?

In general, your air conditioner should be serviced once a year, in the spring. This is done to verify that it is clean, that its parts are in good condition and that it is running as efficiently as possible.

Do I really need AC maintenance?

Yes! Much like your car needs regular tune ups and oil changes to run well, your air conditioning system needs annual maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. Getting your AC serviced every spring will lower you overall costs by increasing its energy efficiency, preventing untimely breakdowns and extending its working life by up to 50%!

What happens if I forget air conditioning maintenance?

If you forget your AC tune up once, it probably won’t do any damage in the long run, but if you constantly forget to have preventive maintenance done on your air conditioner, it can cost you a lot of money over time. AC maintenance prevents breakdowns, so without it you can expect to pay for air conditioning repairs more often and will probably need to replace your AC years sooner than if it were properly maintained.