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Air Scrubber

Clean Indoor Air In Orem & Lehi, UT

With forest fire threats in our area, as well as health concerns globally, never has the air you breathe been so important. When we think of polluted air, we don’t typically think of our homes being the culprit. However, it is estimated that your home or business’s indoor air could be many times more polluted than the air outside. Chemicals from the products we use, how we cook our food, how many animals we have and other aspects of our lives can seriously affect our indoor air quality.

To help combat harmful pollutants, viruses and allergens in your indoor air, you may want to consider an air scrubber installed by Western Heating & Air. An air scrubber is an easy and safe way to purify the air your family breathes everyday.

High Quality Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber uses revolutionary technology to eliminate air pollutants, viruses, bacteria, dust, mold and VOCs. We are proud to offer the best product on the market to ensure you are receiving the highest quality air scrubber available. We believe in this product so much, we installed it in our own office here at Western!

Check out our video below to learn more about air scrubbers.

Air Scrubbing Technology

An air scrubber is a device that works in conjunction with your heating and cooling system. It is placed right inside your ductwork so that as air moves through your network, the air scrubber treats it before it is released back into your home. It is out-of-sight and working hard to clean your air constantly!

How It Works

  • Air from your home travels through the ductwork to your heating and cooling system.
  • As it moves through the air scrubber device, UV light technology works to kill any harmful bacteria and mold spores present.
  • Using oxygen and humidity, the air scrubber releases positively charged particles, or oxidizers, into your air.
  • Oxidizers work to combat and kill viruses, allergens, dust and microorganisms in the air in your house and even on surfaces.
  • You are left with clean, purified air for your family and/or employees to breathe!

Benefits Of Clean Air

Cleaner indoor air can mean fewer poor health symptoms. The negative side effects from poor indoor air can include respiratory ailments, dizziness, headaches, increased allergy symptoms and nausea. By using an air scrubber you have the potential to reduce these harmful symptoms. Whether you need it for your home or business, an air scrubber means your family or team members will be breathing fresh, pure air.

Indoor Air Quality Experts At Western

At Western Heating & Air, we are your home and business comfort experts! Not only do we want you to be comfortable with the temperature inside your house, but also enjoy the best indoor air quality as well. We have worked with a number of different indoor air quality products and consider an air scrubber to be the most effective at keeping your indoor air pure and clean.

Not only can you count on the indoor air quality expertise of our technicians, you can rely upon Western’s friendly customer service with every job we do. In addition, we offer:

  • Convenient Hours – We are open late and on Saturdays for regular business. Feel free to schedule an appointment when it works best for you, Monday – Saturday, 8AM – 8PM.
  • Award-Winning Service – Our company is proud to have received the Best of Utah Valley Award as well as thousands of 5-Star online reviews. We are very happy to serve our customers and community.
  • Highly Trained Technicians – We believe that the only way to provide the best service is to invest in the best tools and regular training for our team to keep up-to-date on the latest in HVAC technology.

Are you interested in learning more about air scrubbers? We are happy to help! Contact us today online or by phone at (801) 224-8899 to schedule an appointment or with any questions.