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Indoor Air Quality Systems in Orem & Lehi, UT

The quality of your indoor air can be impacted by a number of different things including pets, ventilation, the types of cleansers you use, even how you cook your food. In addition, individual households have different needs and requirements when it comes to their indoor air. Allergy sufferers may require different indoor air quality products than those who cook with gas frequently, for instance.

Ultimately, just as every individual is unique, so is each household’s indoor air quality needs. For indoor air quality services and products that will cater to your specific needs, turn to the pros at Western Heating & Air. We provide testing, diagnostics, consultations and high quality products that will improve your indoor air the way you need it to.

Full Indoor Air Quality Services & Products

Western Heating & Air carries a number of different indoor air quality products to help the air quality inside your home. We also provide services to keep your home’s air in pristine condition. Our heating and air technicians are experienced in indoor air quality and total home comfort. We’ll take care of getting your home’s air pure and clean for you and your family!


Services & Products We Offer

Air Duct Cleaning – What is lurking in your ducts can transfer to the air you breathe. With our professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning services, you can rest assured that the air you are breathing is much freer of any particles or dust.

Air Duct Repair – Over time air ducts can start to deteriorate, causing serious air quality concerns. Or, if they are damaged or cracked you can lose valuable climate controlled air. Our repair services will keep your air duct systems in pristine condition.

Whole Home Humidifiers – If the air inside your home is too dry it can cause poor health symptoms as well as wreak havoc on your skin. A whole home humidifier keeps your home at the right humidity and you more comfortable.

Air Scrubbers – These devices actually clean the air inside your home! Using advanced technology, air scrubbers use UV lights and create oxidizers to target a number of pollutants, viruses, bacteria and more than may be floating in your air.

Excellent Air Always

What can be more important than the air you breathe? With our services, you’ll notice a difference right away with your home’s indoor air. Air duct services not only help indoor air quality, but allow your heating and cooling system to function better. And with humidifiers and air scrubbers, you’ll notice more comfortable and clean air with every breath you take!

Western For Indoor Air Quality

For a true home comfort partner, you can count on the team at Western Heating & Air. Our clients in and around Orem and Lehi, UT continue to turn to us for their home’s heating, cooling and comfort needs for a few reasons:

  • Award-Winning Service – We are so proud to have been voted Best of Utah Valley. We’ve also received thousands of 5-star reviews on our service. Our customers are the most important part of our day and we are so happy to serve in this area!
  • Convenience – As a family owned business, we know how important each and every spare minute of your time is. We want to be available to you, which is why we are open for regular hours Monday – Saturday, 8 – 8. If you have an emergency with your heating and air, we are also ready to help 24/7.
  • Highly Trained Technicians – Our staff is well trained on indoor air quality products and services. You can count on their professionalism from start to finish.

Interested in an indoor air quality service or product? We are ready to assist! Give the team at Western a call at (801) 224-8899 or schedule a consultation online today!

How much does an indoor air quality test cost?

Indoor pollution can cause allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory illnesses and even cancer. Having your air checked is a wise preventative measure that can assist you in determining the sources of any indoor pollution and how to address it.

A professional indoor air quality test costs around $420 on average. Depending on the size of the space and the type of analysis required, homeowners typically spend between $286 and $561 for the service.

Western Heating + Air does air flow assessment for $89.00 and we regularly run a special on complete air quality testing as well. Check for our coupon or contact us to schedule.

What are the symptoms of bad air quality in the home?

The health of a building’s occupants can often be used to determine air quality. Pay close attention to the onset of symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, headache and frequent nosebleeds if you or a member of your family suffers from them frequently. Though it is tempting to blame climatic conditions and “hay fever,” if these symptoms appear shortly after entering your home or office, this could be a sign of poor indoor air quality. Today’s airtight buildings can have far more polluted air than the outside air.

Western Heating + Air provides a number of professional air quality solutions to reduce indoor pollution and its accompanying symptoms. Get in touch with us to learn more.

How can I get the cleanest air in my home?

  • Open your windows for as little as five minutes per day to help reduce the buildup of harmful air pollutants in your indoor air.
  • Numerous types of houseplants remove common toxins from the air in your home. Spider plants, for instance, are capable of reducing benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.
  • Take your shoes off inside. Pesticides, pollen, fungi, bacteria and feces, for example, can all be found in the dirt outside. When you walk into your house, any or all of that could be on the bottom of your shoes.
  • Air purifiers can be a useful tool for reducing harmful particles in the air. Use the EPA’s guide, determine which one is best for you.

Western Heating + Air provides a number of professional air quality solutions to clean the air in your home. Contact us to get started.