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Air Conditioning Repair Services in Lehi & Orem, UT

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Lehi & Orem, UT - Western Heating and Air

At Western Heating & Air, our professional team of technicians is ready to tackle any air conditioning repair problem you have. We are happy to answer all of your questions and go through any repair process with you start to finish. Most of our repairs take about two hours and can typically be completed on the same day of your call. Just get in touch and we’ll take care of everything!

Our 24/7 Air Conditioning Repair Services

Is your home’s air conditioning system not working as well as you would like? Maybe your unit is making some odd noises? Or perhaps it has stopped working altogether? For reliable and trustworthy AC repairs, connect with the team at Western Heating & Air! We can work on any AC system, no matter the brand, type or year built. Our air conditioning repair services include:

  • A thorough inspection of the unit.
  • An accurate diagnosis of the problem facing the system.
  • A consultation with the homeowner before any work is completed.
  • An effective fix of the issue, usually on the same day.

Call us today at (801) 224-8899 to schedule AC repair services in the Lehi and Orem, UT, area!

Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

An air conditioning system is a large appliance that works hard to cool your house for a number of years. Often, there are signs that will indicate your AC system is in need of a repair or about to break down. If you notice any of the following signs, you may want to go ahead and get your system serviced so that a small, easy fix does not turn into a large expensive repair down the road. 

  • No Cool Air: If you notice that the air coming from your vents isn’t as cool as it should be, it could mean that you have low refrigerant levels or that the compressor is failing. It could also be something as simple as your thermostat not functioning properly.
  • Water Around the Unit: When there is water or moisture around the unit when it hasn’t rained in days, you should get it inspected. It could be just a blocked condensate line, or it could be something more serious, like a coolant leak.
  • Unusual Noises: Your air conditioning system should not be making any banging, clanking, screeching or grinding noises. If you hear any of these unusual sounds, make sure to get a technician out before a more serious problem occurs.
  • Odd Smells: An AC system should not smell musty or pungent, or have a burning smell. Make sure to have any unusual odors coming from your AC system checked out.

Troubleshooting a Frozen Evaporator Coil

One of the most common AC repairs we see here at Western involves the evaporator coil freezing over. When this happens, the air conditioning unit is not able to generate much cool air to transport into your home. Check out our video below for tips on how to tell if this is what is wrong with your unit and how you may be able to fix it yourself without a service call!

Why Partner With Western in Lehi & Orem

We are happy to assist you with your air conditioning system repair. In our more than 25 years of serving the Orem and Lehi, UT, areas, nothing makes us prouder than to see clients return again and again. The Western service is a true partnership, from start to finish. We offer:

  • Convenience: AC repairs rarely happen at a convenient time, do they? That is why we are open late and on Saturdays for regular service, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., with no extra fees! We are also available for emergencies 24/7.
  • Award-Winning Service: We are happy to have received thousands of five-star ratings on Google and have been honored with the Best of Utah Valley for HVAC service.
  • Highly-Trained Technicians: Good service starts with the best in training. We provide upfront as well as continuous training for our techs, ensuring they are well educated in all things heating and cooling in order for them to assist you.

Our team is ready if you need a repair for your home’s AC. Contact us today, either online or by phone at (801) 224-8899. We look forward to working with you on your home’s comfort!

Air Conditioning Repair Services in Lehi & Orem, UT - Western Heating and Air

AC Repair FAQs

Is it better to repair or replace a home AC unit in Utah?

When determining whether to pay to fix your home cooling system, or just purchase a new unit consider the following factors:

  • Take into account the age of your air conditioner: When deciding whether to repair or replace your air conditioner, age is a significant consideration. EnergyStar suggests updating your air conditioner every 10 to 15 years. If your air conditioning system is 8 years old or older, it may not be worth the expense of repair unless it is a simple remedy, such as a worn fan belt or a clogged condenser unit.
  • To save energy across the country, the federal government is phasing out Freon: As a result, Freon prices are rising dramatically. If your air conditioner utilizes Freon, you’ll need to replace it someday to transition to the new R410A refrigerant. If your unit is breaking down or having troubles due to a lack of Freon, it’s probably time to consider a replacement.
  • Do you get the impression that your air conditioning system is always breaking down? Have you found yourself calling HVAC specialists on a regular basis to fix yet another problem with your system? If this is the case, regular maintenance may quickly mount expensive — and doing so on a piece of older equipment doesn’t make sense. Investing in a modern unit will not only spare you the difficulties of regular HVAC service visits, but it will also save you money in the long term.

Why is my home AC system not cooling my house in Utah?

First, make sure the thermostat is set to “cool” and that the desired temperature in this room is lower than the present one. Try replacing the batteries if it doesn’t work, especially if the thermostat screen is not functioning. Then, the circuit breaker should be adjusted correctly. An interior and an exterior breaker are common features of circuit breakers. Verify that the switch’s settings are all correct.

Remove anything blocking the unit’s ventilation. Heat cannot be removed from your house because a clogged air filter restricts airflow. Additionally, unclean air filters lead to exceedingly poor indoor air quality. So try changing the filter if your air conditioner isn’t cooling.

What would cause my home AC unit not to kick on in Utah?

Your air conditioner might not switch on due to a number of thermostat problems. Disconnected or damaged cables are among the most prevalent issues. Your air conditioner won’t operate if the wires are frayed, disconnected, or unclean.

A broken thermostat is another frequent issue. The thermostat won’t enable the air conditioner to turn on if it has a problem. It’s critical to replace your thermostat as soon as possible if you’re having issues with your AC.