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4 Tips to Stay Cool and Keep Your AC Happy This 4th of July

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As fireworks illuminate the Utah sky and BBQ grills sizzle across backyards, the 4th of July brings a celebration of freedom and the peak of summer heat. With temperatures soaring, air conditioners in Orem and beyond face a rigorous test. But here’s the comforting news! You can enjoy the festivities while giving your hard-working AC a well-deserved break. Here are 4 tips to stay cool and keep your ac happy and optimize it for a lower energy bill this Independence Day, providing much-needed relief from the heat.

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1. Grill Out to Keep the Heat Out

One of the simplest pleasures of the 4th of July is the BBQ. Besides being a fun way to gather friends and family, cooking outside can be a strategic move to keep your house cooler. Each time you bake, roast, or broil in your oven, you’re inviting extra heat into your home, forcing your AC to work overtime. So fire up the grill and keep the heat out of the kitchen. You’ll enjoy the smoky flavors and help your AC maintain a cooler, more constant temperature.

2. Shade Your Space by Closing the Blinds

Sunlight pouring through the windows might be cheerful, but it increases the temperature inside your home. You can significantly lower the indoor temperature by simply closing blinds and curtains, especially on windows facing the sun. This small act can reduce the burden on your air conditioner, helping to extend its life and decrease your energy bills. Consider using reflective window films or blackout curtains for even better protection from the heat.

3. Enhance Air Flow with Fans

Portable and ceiling fans are your summer allies, perfect for combating the heat during the vibrant 4th of July festivities. Although they don’t cool the air, fans enhance circulation, significantly cooling any space. Position fans strategically in living areas and bedrooms to raise the thermostat a few degrees comfortably. This not only eases the load on your air conditioner, conserving energy and extending its lifespan but also keeps your space comfortable.

Remember to turn off fans when you leave a room to save energy. Also, in the summer, adjust ceiling fans to rotate counterclockwise, pushing cool air down and amplifying the wind-chill effect. Portable fans can be angled to mix cooler air from below with warmer air above for a more even temperature throughout your home.

Using fans wisely alongside your AC boosts comfort and controls energy costs, ensuring your 4th of July is as economical as enjoyable.

4. Stay Hydrated and Take a Plunge to Keep Your Body Cool

Amidst the excitement of the 4th of July, maintaining hydration is paramount. Drinking ample fluids throughout the day helps regulate your internal body temperature, keeping you comfortably cool and reducing the urge to turn down the AC. Have plenty of cool drinks accessible, and indulge in water-rich foods like watermelon, cucumber, strawberries and crisp salads that help hydrate. Incorporating these into your celebration can significantly improve your overall coolness and well-being.

Additionally, taking a refreshing plunge in a pool or a local lake can be refreshing and effective at staving off the heat. The water cools your body directly, providing immediate relief from the heat and fun for all ages. By combining hydration with a refreshing dip, you enhance your 4th of July experience and support your home’s cooling system by easing the load on your air conditioner.

Bonus Tip: Regular AC Maintenance

To ensure your air conditioner is efficient and reliable, especially during high-use times like the 4th of July, consider scheduling regular maintenance with a professional from Western Heating, Air & Plumbing. We recommend scheduling maintenance at least twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall, to prepare your AC for the upcoming seasons and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Regular check-ups can help optimize your AC for a lower energy bill.

Remember these tips to stay cool this 4th of July as you celebrate with fireworks and BBQs. They will help improve your comfort and safety and keep your AC running smoothly, saving you money and trouble. And don’t forget the bonus tip: Regular AC Maintenance. This simple step can give you the confidence that your AC is efficient and reliable, especially during high-use times like the 4th of July, ensuring a worry-free celebration. If your AC isn’t keeping up or has completely stopped working, call Western Heating, Air & Plumbing at  (801) 218-2187 or schedule online today. Enjoy the holiday, the fun, and the freedom of a well-cooled, efficiently running home.

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