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Do I Need A Whole-Home Humidifier For My House In Utah?

Do I Need A Whole Home Humidifier

Rid Your Home of Dry Air With A Whole-Home Humidifier

As the nights start to get cooler around Orem and Lehi, Utah in fall, the air gets dryer. With dry air comes itchy skin, frizzy hair, and static shocks around every corner. You may have a small humidifier to help with the dry conditions in your home, but a portable humidifier only helps in a limited area. To help make your entire home feel more comfortable, consider a whole-home humidifier. There are many benefits that come with having healthy, moisture-rich air so if you are curious whether you need a whole-home humidifier, the comfort pros at Western are here to answer your questions! 

The Problem With Low Humidity In A Home

Static build-up is one of the first things you may notice when the humidity drops. Getting small shocks when you touch metal can be uncomfortable and, well shocking. 

Dry skin and membranes: Low humidity causes the dreaded “winter skin” which can become itchy and painful. Not only does your skin dry out, but so do your nasal membranes. This increases your susceptibility to colds and other respiratory illnesses.

Damage to furniture and your home’s structure occurs if the air is so dry that it removes moisture from wood. Your floors may begin to creak, and your doorways may warp. To keep your home looking and sounding its best, you need the right humidity.

The Difference Your Home’s Humidity Makes

Home Humidity Levels Impact Your Health

When it comes to comfort, the temperature is only one piece of the puzzle. The amount of moisture in the air is also important. The right humidity level affects both your comfort and your health.

How much humidity should you aim for?

The ideal range for humidity levels in your home is 40-50% in the summer and 30% in the winter. The lower target in winter is to prevent condensation from forming on cold windows. During the colder months, low humidity is also an issue since cold air holds less moisture, especially in a dry state like Utah. 

How to prevent a dry house.

The best way to keep your humidity levels up is to use a humidifier. You can use a vaporizer or install a humidifier in your HVAC system. Regardless of what you use, remember not to let the air get too humid because this comes with its own problems.

You need the right-sized humidifier.

To get the right amount of humidity in your home, the first step is to have a humidifier that’s the right size. A professional will know how to calculate the ideal pounds per hour (lb/hr) of moisture or steam to be added to the air of your home. 

The amount of moisture you need is based on the temperature of the air entering the ac or furnace (a mixture of outdoor air and return air from your home) as well as relative humidity. Moisture is added to get humidity levels up to where they should be and a humidity sensor ensures your humidity levels never go too high or too low.

You Have A Comfort Partner In Western

Our comfort pros are ready to help you with your dry home! Give the team at Western Heating & Air Conditioning a call at (801) 224-8899 . We are happy to provide you with a free estimate on a whole-home humidifier or other indoor air quality product or service for your Utah home! 

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