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Hospitals use THIS technology to dust less and keep their air clean.

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Every day you bring tens of thousands of air contaminants into your house. These contaminants grab onto your hands, clothes, and shoes to get into your home. Then, they live rent-free on your doorknobs, countertops, and floors.

These contaminants create a huge risk to the quality of your air. (Believe it or not, It’s actually called Sick Building Syndrome!)

But you shouldn’t have to deal with it!

These contaminants are the last thing that you have time to worry about, and we totally understand. Hospitals, professional baseball players, and even astronauts are on the exact same boat.

They’re busy doing more important things than stressing about what’s going into their lunges, which is why they started using this Certified Space Technology.

They even have a version for your home- it’s called an air scrubber. Before you call us up to get your own, I do need to warn you that this is not a miracle worker.

What it is NOT

It’s not some magic box and it won’t add years to your life. 

It won’t keep your kids from ever getting sick.

It won’t make your AC and Furnace last for decades.

This proven technology can only help the air quality. So while it does destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants in your house, it won’t keep your kids safe from the germs outside your home (work, school, etc).

What it is

Now it does help with allergies, dust, and household odors (even cigarette smoke). It does also extend the life of your HVAC system, but please don’t let salespeople convince you that this is a cure-all.

You still need to get your ac and furnace serviced, you still need to change your air filters, and you will still need to wash your hands.

Hopefully, I didn’t burst everyone’s bubble, but the truth is that this is for parents who want a cheap way to decrease the bacteria and viruses in the home, moms who want odors to linger less, homeowners who want to dust less, or people who want to extend the life of their AC unit. 

Now if that’s you, then give us a call at (801) 224-8899 and we’ll get an experienced technician to help you get one installed. 

– Your Western Heating and Air Family


In case you were wondering, our Air Scrubber does comply with all Federal, EPA, FDA & OSHA regulations. Heck, it even passes the California Air Resource Board Regulations. 

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