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Are You Ready For What’s Just Around The Corner??

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The Emily Effiect Circle

Are You Ready For What’s Just Around The Corner??

Western Heating + Air is all about family. In fact, Western Heating + Air was founded as a family affair. 

Founder, Rod Black, and his wife, Carol, ran the business from their own home. 

Now more than 25 years later, Western Heating + Air continues to run with family values at its core.

These family values are what motivated us to do some exciting things- and we can’t wait to share them with you.

We are happy to announce that Western Heating + Air will be helping out the Emily Effect with their Fall Carnival!

For years the Emily Effect has helped to raise awareness and coordinate local resources for maternal mental health.

While the carnival will have lots to do for Moms, there will be something for the whole family.

So please come out to Margaret Wines Park in Lehi on Saturday, Sept. 18th to enjoy games, food trucks, raffles, and music. 

Come anytime between 10 AM and 2 PM to show your support for all of the wonderful women in your life.

Once again, Western Heating + Air is so proud to be involved with the Emily Effect!

We hope each of you will come to enjoy some food, music, and activities… all while supporting a good cause.

Western Heating + Air (801) 218-2187

P.S. To recap it is 10 AM-2 PM at Margaret Wines Park in Lehi, UT. There will be food trucks, raffles, booths, music, and free games. There will be something for the whole family to do… especially you moms!

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