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4 Spring-Cleaning Tips For 2017

Spring-cleaning can quickly get overwhelming but you don’t have to do it all at once. Spread it out over a few weeks and it’ll flow much easier. Here are some tips for making your spring-cleaning a refreshing endeavor instead.


The first step is to make some room in your home. Instead of piling everything into boxes and stacking it in the basement, get rid of the clutter and resolve to minimize. Start by sorting according to the STUD method:

Store what you absolutely need or love. Photos mightn’t count as a “need” but they definitely have a special place and should never be discarded.

Toss anything that you haven’t used for more than a year that’s too old to give away or isn’t working anymore. Broken toys that you’re holding on to for sentimental reasons fall into this category (sorry kids!).

Unsure” pile, is a temporary holding place so you don’t get stuck trying to make a decision. One you’ve sorted everything else, promise yourself you’ll spend no more than 30 seconds deciding on each item. Set a timer if you must!

Donate gently used clothes, shoes you wore once, the baby’s high chair that never left the basement (even though “baby” is now six years old).

Once you’ve made some room, start cleaning all surfaces. Enlist friends and family, turn on some music and turn it into a party. Here’s a quick checklist to get you started:

  • Clean windows (inside and out).
  • Dust ceiling fans and light bulbs.
  • Wipe down and polish furniture and anything on it. Deep clean fabrics to get rid of embedded grime.
  • Dust electronics. Make sure you use the right anti-static cloths to prevent static build-up.
  • Deep clean carpets and polish floors.
  • Dust paintings and picture frames.
  • Wash and replace curtains. Wipe down blinds.
  • Replace your furnace filter.

Living room book shelf 2


Here’s the fun part. Give your home a makeover by replacing old photos, adding new ones, changing your curtains, rearranging the furniture, buying new furniture, having the kids do a huge painting for the living room, repainting, buying flowers for the dining table… you get the picture.

Reward Yourself

When it’s all done, have some hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie. Invite your friends over for a barbecue on the first warm day in spring. You don’t have to wait for a summer evening to fire up the grill.

Always remember that we at Western Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help! Though we may not be able to come and totally clean your home, we can surely help make your home comfortable by helping your family breathe easier! 

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