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3 AC Myths that MUST end!!

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Do 1 google search and you’re sure to get pages and pages of tips and tricks to save you money- but not all of them are true. Most of these tips are harmless enough, but there are some that could be hurting your home… And NO ONE wants to be replacing their ac unit every 7 years. So here are the top 3 “tips” that just make things worse.

“Air filters are kind of like changing your oil, companies just recommend a shorter time so they can make a quick buck!”

Air filters are one of the easiest ways to burn out your AC unit. When dirt, dust, and allergens get stuck in the filter, they make it harder for the air to get through. So your AC unit has to push harder just to get the same amount of air through. Multiply this effect over every day for months and months. Now you can see why this doesn’t work. So next time you try to save a few bucks on changing your filter, remember, you might end up paying A LOT more later on.

“There’s really no point in replacing old AC units if they’re not breaking down”

This one is tough because, like I said earlier, you don’t want to replace your ac unit every 7 years. But on the other side, running your system into the ground might end up being a bigger headache than it’s worth. Let me explain.

Have you ever driven a nice, brand new car?

The steering is so smooth. You don’t have to stomp on the breaks. Heck, even the acceleration feels great.

Now think of the oldest beater-of-a-car you have driven. You have to turn the steering wheel twice as far. You’re flooring it any time you go up a hill. You’re hitting the breaks a few football fields before the stop sign just so you don’t cause an accident. The difference is night and day.

What this means for your AC unit

It’s the same for your AC unit, except instead of bad steering and crappy breaks you’re paying for more energy and getting less circulation. That means this summer you’ll be paying more bills for less AC. So if you’re okay with paying more for less, then I guess this tip works. For the rest of you, start thinking about a new unit once you notice any of these signs.

“Having your AC too high can cause Summer colds”

Now this one has a kernel of truth to it. But first, you need to realize that colds are caused by viruses, not temperatures. So just because you get a little chilly, it doesn’t mean you’re on your way to a cold. 

Now for the kernel of truth. Some people actually do get “Summer Colds” when they start using their AC. This is because they most likely have a dusty filter or dirty air ducts. These spots can turn into a virus playground. (Yet another reason to not wait a whole year to replace your air filters.)

So next time you hear a tip on the internet about how to save money on your AC, make sure it comes from an HVAC professional. Call us today with questions about your AC unit, filters, and air ducts at (801) 224-8899

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