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Your ductwork NEEDS to be cleaned!

Just from living in your home, there are thousands of air pollutants being let in! (Most of these are dander, dust, and chemicals). This usually isn’t a big deal if you have an air filter and clean air ducts.

But if it’s been a while since you cleaned your air ducts, then you could have air pollutants from 12 months ago living rent-free in your air ducts, and they’ll just keep piling up. This is where your air quality can really start to tank.

But, how bad do your vents really get?

To put this in perspective, what if you didn’t clean your floors for 12 months? Or you didn’t wipe off your kitchen table? 

That’s how it is for your air ducts! Well maybe, not the exact same because your teenage boy can’t dirty those in 30 seconds (thank goodness!)

Now on top of everyday air contaminants, your ductwork could be working overtime if you smoke cigars or cigarettes, if you own pets, if you’re doing any home renovation projects, or if there is any water contamination or damage to the home. 

Not to mention that if you have allergies, asthma, or even younger kids, then these air pollutants are going to affect you even more…

But that’s enough problems, let’s look at solutions.

Possible Fixes

If you’ve got gloves, goggles, a dust mask, and an amazing DIY track record, then you could check out this DIY.

But before you do I must warn you

This is a harder DIY that could cost you a pretty penny if you don’t get it right. You need to be sure not to knock any plastic tubes off of support brackets. Also, avoid crushing the flex ducts, and please please don’t poke a hole in your ductwork.

So if you have a high-powered vacuum and follow these rules, you should be ok (emphasis on the uncertainty).

If you want a technician with 100’s of hours of experience and training do it (and with professional equipment, I might add), then call us at (801) 224-8899 and we’ll get one of our technicians to get right on it. But if you would rather go at it with a Home Depot shop vac, then please just be careful not to cause any damage.

Here for help and advice,

– Your Western Heating + Air Family

P.S. In case you didn’t know what uncleaned vents look like…

Duct Work Before And After

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