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Protect Your HVAC: Why Home Surge Protectors Are Essential

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Imagine losing your heating during a snowstorm or your air conditioning quitting on the hottest day of the year—not because they’re old or poorly maintained but because a sudden power surge fried their circuits. Surges are brief overvoltage events that can damage or destroy household electrical devices, including your vital heating and air conditioning systems. This potential surge makes surge protection not just a necessity but should also be a priority for every homeowner. This is why home surge protectors are essential.

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What is a Surge?

A power surge, often lasting less than a thousandth of a second, can unleash havoc that is both devastating and expensive to repair. These sudden spikes in electrical voltage are notorious for significantly reducing the lifespan and hampering the performance of various home appliances. This includes essential items such as HVAC units, washers, dryers, and even sophisticated, high-end entertainment systems that are the hubs of home leisure. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association highlights a startling fact: the average household harbors around $15,000 worth of electrical equipment, all of which is susceptible to the whims of electrical surges. Such potential damage underlines the critical need for robust surge protection measures to safeguard these valuable investments.

Common Causes of Surges

Approximately 80% of all surges are generated internally by common occurrences such as large appliances cycling on and off, faulty wiring, or overloaded circuits. Though less frequent, external threats include lightning strikes and power grid fluctuations, which can send surges through power lines that threaten the entire electrical system of your home.

Why Your Home Needs Surge Protection

Recognizing the threat that surges pose to modern homes, it is crucial to install Surge Protective Devices (SPDs). These devices play a vital role in defending against both internal and external surges, effectively ensuring the longevity and safety of your appliances. Such protection is essential to maintain the reliability and efficiency of home electrical systems in today’s technology-driven environments.

SPDs come in several types:

Type 1: Installed at your service meter, shielding against external surges, including those from lightning.

Type 2: Located at the breaker box, this device is your defense against surges originating inside and outside your home.

Type 3: These point-of-use devices provide additional protection at the appliance level and must be used alongside Type 1 or Type 2 SPDs to meet current codes.

The Special Case of HVAC Systems

Your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is particularly vulnerable to the destructive effects of power surges due to its frequent on-and-off cycles, substantial electricity consumption, and critical role in maintaining your home’s comfort. Intricate and powerful systems are often the backbone of domestic tranquility, controlling temperature and air quality. When a surge strikes, the sensitive electronics within your HVAC can suffer severe damage, potentially leading to expensive repairs or even the necessity for a complete system replacement. This disruption not only incurs significant costs but also subjects your household to extreme discomfort, struggling without effective temperature regulation in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

How Western Can Help

At Western Heating, Air & Plumbing, we understand the importance of protecting your investment and ensuring your home’s comfort and safety. Our team of experts can assess your home’s needs and install the appropriate SPDs to safeguard your HVAC equipment and other valuable appliances. Installing the correct type of surge protector complies with the latest safety codes, gives you peace of mind, and protects your home against unexpected and costly electrical damage.

Take Action Today

Don’t wait for a surge to remind you of the need for protection. Call Western Heating, Air & Plumbing at (801) 218-2187 or visit us online to schedule an appointment. Let us help you enhance the safety and longevity of your HVAC system with a professional surge protector installation. Protect your home, secure your comfort, and safeguard your investments before the next storm hits. Call now and ensure your home stands strong against surges!

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