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Tired of High Utility Bills? Try Solar!

Are you tired of high utility bills? Try solar! There are a lot of solar companies in Utah, so you might be wondering why we decided to partner with Complete Solar instead of some other option. The short answer is Complete Solar is just better .

Tired of high utility bills? Try solar

Solar Panels

A Wide Range of Panel Options

  • From the lowest priced panels to the highest quality LG panels, you can get almost anything you need from Complete Solar.

Amazing Deals

Amazing Deals

Amazing Deals

  • We’ve already negotiated the price for you. Whether you’re doing a loan or a cash deal, you’ll get the best price on solar just because you’re a Western Heating and Air customer.

Tying it together

Tying it together

Tying everything together is their specialty

  • Complete Solar has spent 10 years finding the best installers, financing options, and permit partners. They brought them all together to build an inclusive platform for all the best solar partners.

Install in less than 30 days

Install in less than 30 days

The average install time is 30 days

  • This is way faster than anywhere else.
  • With the best partners on the Complete Solar platform, you get the best and fastest service in all of Utah.

Here’s what some of our customers say about their solar.

  • My electricity bill used to range from $25 in the winter to $200 in the summer. Since getting solar, my bill ranges from $7 in the winter to only $70 in the dead heat of the summer! I’m saving hundreds each month during the summer, and I get to keep my home nice and cool without worrying about a huge energy bill. 
  • Yay for Solar! Our electric bill is a whopping $14.70!! That is running two old AC units, the pool, reef tanks (so many lights and pumps), my tumbler 24/7, etc., etc. ☀️🌞☀️

When you combine solar panels with a heat pump, you’re savings jump even more! With the fantastic financing options available, there’s a good chance you won’t have a monthly increase in payments because of all the money you’re saving on your utility bills. 

So if you’re tired of high utility bills, try solar! To learn more about solar or a heat pump, give Western Heating and Air a call at (801) 224-8899 or visit us at www.WesternHeatingAir.com , and we can go over all the ways we can help save you money.

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