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Seven Steps to Get Your AC Ready for Summer

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Summer officially arrives on June 20th this year, and experts predict it will be hot. Get ready to crank up the AC! Just like you wouldn’t skip an oil change for your car, your home’s heating and cooling system needs regular check-ups, too. Your HVAC system works hard to keep you cool in summer, but it can only do its job well with some TLC. Follow these simple steps to get your AC ready for summer. 

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Cool Reasons to Keep Your System Happy

  • Avoid Breakdowns: Nobody wants their heater to quit during a cold snap or their AC to give up during a heatwave. Regular check-ups mean less chance of surprises.
  • Make It Last: Just like a well-maintained car goes longer without major repairs, the same goes for your HVAC. It’s all about keeping it running smoothly for as long as possible.
  • Save Some Cash: A smoothly running system doesn’t have to work as hard, which means less money spent on energy bills.
  • Stay Safe and Breathe Easy: A neglected furnace could put dangerous gases in your home, and nobody wants that. Regular checks keep the air clean and your family safe.

Here are the simple steps to make sure your AC is running for the Utah Summer:

  1. Remember Safety First: Turn off the circuit breaker before working on your air conditioning system.
  2. Give It a Test Run: Turn it on now and then in the off-season. It helps keep things running smoothly and lets you know if something’s wrong.
  3. Clean the Air Conditioner’s Condenser Coils: First, turn off the power on your AC unit to clean the condenser coils. Then, gently brush off any dirt and debris from the coils using a soft brush. You can also use a coil cleaner spray for a more thorough cleaning. Gently rinse with a garden hose with little to no pressure, and be careful not to damage the fins.
  4. Check and Change the Filters: Dirty filters make your system work harder and can affect your air quality. Depending on the kind you have, you might need to change them more or less often.
  5. Clear and Clean Debris: If it’s an outdoor unit, ensure it’s not covered by leaves or blocked by debris. A quick check can save you a lot of headaches.
  6. Check Your Coolant Lines: If your air conditioning unit has lost cooling power, it could be caused by damage to your coolant lines or the insulation surrounding them. Inspect the lines regularly and replace any damaged insulation with foam insulation sleeves or tape. Look for holes or cracks that could indicate a coolant leak.
  7. Straighten The Fins: Your outdoor unit will have a bunch of metal fins. These are tiny pieces that can bend easily. If the fins are bent, they won’t properly disperse the heat from your AC system. To fix this problem, use a fin comb to straighten the bent fins back out. Fin combs are available at hardware stores. Measure the fins to identify the size of the comb you need.

Ensuring your AC is in peak condition for the hot Utah summers requires year-round preventative maintenance. Regularly replacing your AC filters can significantly prolong the lifespan of your unit and reduce energy costs. Additionally, routine inspections can identify minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs. By staying proactive with your air conditioning upkeep, you’ll enjoy a more efficient and reliable cooling system throughout the summer months in Utah.

Don’t have time to get your air conditioning unit ready for summer? AC not running?

Sometimes, you just need an expert to take a look. They can spot things you might miss and ensure everything’s ready to handle the heat.

At Western Heating, Air & Plumbing, we ensure your heating and cooling system is ready to go, keeping your home comfortable all year round. We’re all about making things easy for you and ensuring your system works well without breaking the bank.

Don’t wait for the weather to tell you it’s time for a check-up. Get ahead of the game by calling us at (801) 218-2187 or visiting us online. Let’s keep your home comfy, safe, and efficient together. Here’s to a worry-free summer!

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