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Lighten Mom’s Load!

Happy Mother’s Day! One of the biggest blessings in my life is the opportunity I have to be the mother of my four amazing children. They bring me joy with beautiful flowers, sweet love notes, and lots of cuddly hugs. But along with the joy they also bring me the challenges of broken hearts, scraped knees, and endless loads of laundry. I’ve learned a band-aid and a hug can go a long way, but what about the laundry?

Nine months ago my husband introduced our family to an amazing product that made   our laundry process not only easier, but actually saved me hundreds of dollars! It is called the Laundry Pro by Areus. It’s a unique system that is installed next to the washing machine and only uses cold water. It also eliminates the need for detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners for good! This is great news for families who have allergic reactions to harmful chemicals found in detergents.

snow family

This is a simple technology has been utilized in hospitals and hotels all over the world, and now it’s available for your home. By using a patented process, cold water runs through the system and is infused with oxygen and peroxide gases that cause the water to bubble and fizz. This, in turn, causes the water to actively lift the grime and dirt from the fabrics while also fluffing the materials as well. I have noticed my towels are so fluffy and not weighted down by extra residue left from the detergent.  

laundry pro

Since the installation of our Laundry Pro, laundry time has been a breeze; even the kids can use it! There is no more measuring, detergent spills, and I’m saving hundreds from not buying detergent anymore. I’m also enjoying my energy bill savings. This has been a fabulous investment for our family.  

Western Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized dealer in Utah County and we are now installing these units in homes. We have a wonderful a Mother’s Day special on the installation of a new Laundry Pro. Call (801) 224-8899 to lighten mom’s load and start saving her loads of money!

Lighten Mom’s Load! - Western Heating and Air

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