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Did you know about this loophole in most AC warranties?

Most of the time when you get a new AC unit, the manufacturer will give a 10-year warranty to show how much they believe in their equipment. 

This is definitely a plus… until you actually need the warranty. In fact, what I’m about to tell you has kept SEVERAL people from saving money on fixing their AC.

Just imagine with me for a second.

You’ve had your AC unit for 5 years and it completely breaks down. You’re thinking “no biggie, I’m under warranty” and you call to get them to fix it.

10 minutes later you are so frustrated. You manage to not be rude on the phone, but can’t fight the feeling that you’ve been ripped off. 

The company won’t come out because your equipment magically lost its warranty- all because you didn’t “do your part.” 

Like I said, we see this happen WAY too often.

So why won’t they fix it?

In short, they won’t fix it because you can’t prove that it has been serviced and maintained. 

Even if you did get it serviced, if you don’t have signed paperwork or invoices, then you could be in trouble.

But there is a solution , and it’s called a maintenance agreement. It is where you put your money towards having a company service your equipment on a regular basis. 

Now, most people think this is some con to get you to spend more money than you need- and we understand that there are some companies that are just trying to rip everyone off. 

But, these maintenance agreements are usually cheaper- or at least the Western Savings Club is

So please don’t let this happen to you. Be sure to always have a current maintenance agreement, so that you don’t get cheated out of your warranty.

Call us at (801) 224-8899, for more info on our savings club, we’d be happy to save you money, stress, and frustration.

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