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Attention! People of American Fork Utah! You May Be Breathing Rotten Air!

Air Quality

There is nothing more important to human life than air. A person can live three weeks without food. A person can live three days without water. In severely cold harsh environments, as it can sometimes be in Provo and American Fork, Utah, a person can survive for three hours without the proper protective clothing. What does the “rule of threes” say about air? Insanely, a person can live but three MINUTES without air! Of course, having less than stellar air inside your home won’t cut your life to three minutes. However, each breath of bad air could shave minutes off of your life. Western Heating & Air Conditioning has some tips to protect your respiratory health by improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Some little things you can do (a penny of prevention saves a dollar of destruction):

1. Change the type of cleaning products you use in your home. Less toxicity in the product means less toxicity in your home (and the air)

2. Any open chemicals or paint should be sealed if still in use or disposed of if used up.

3. Make frequent use of the exhaust fans in your home. By removing airborne remnants of a cleaning or cooking session from your kitchen, or water vapor from the bathroom after a shower, you can prevent the inhalation or growth of any unsavory particles.

4. Regular heating and ac maintenance can help prevent any costly furnace repair or ac repair that might otherwise become necessary during the harsh seasons because of high use. Replacing the air filter can also help to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, saving you money and saving your lungs.

5. Bringing plants into your home can make a huge difference. Plants will absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins from the air while releasing life-supporting oxygen in their place. A better and fresher trade is hard to imagine.

6. If you’re feeling fresh-depleted, you can install a fresh air intake to your existing air conditioning installation. This intake will bring fresh air from outdoors and bring it in. Now you can capture that wonderful mountain smell inside your home.

7. Getting your ducts cleaned can make a world of difference in the air quality in your home. With use comes build up of less than desirable substances and impurities. When trapped, these impurities can occasionally introduce mold into your air system and in really serious cases lead to a house fire. If your ac installation was done improperly, impurities have extra places to come in and breed, making each breathe a little harder. If you have any suspicions, air conditioning repair from a qualified institution can make a world of difference.

You may feel that your in home air is fine as is, but here are some interesting statistics that may change how you feel:

– The average person spends 90% of their time indoors

– Indoor air pollution is ranked in the top 5 environmental dangers by the EPA

– The air inside your home can be anywhere from 2 to 50 more polluted than outside

– The average person inhales 15,000 quarts of air EVERY DAY!

Polluted air in your home can be far more harmful than polluted air outside. Think about how you feel when you drive past smoke stacks puffing into the skies or the dark puff from the tops of diesel trucks. Imagine that dark puff floating through your living room.

There’s a lot that you can do to improve your air quality either by either small steps like the introduction of greenery into your kitchen and cracking a window or big steps like updating your old HVAC system and replacing it with one that works more efficiently and with less of an footprint on the world as well as your wallet. Western Heating & Air Conditioning can help with additional tips or estimate if you want to take larger steps to obtain larger gains toward clean breathing and healthier living. Take that first step today by calling us at (801) 224-8899 or contacting us online.

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