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4 HVAC Shortcuts That Are Way Too Common

Luna here again. (the Western Heating and Air Office Dog)

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My human has been barking his head off about all of the horror stories he hears while visiting homeowners. 

He’s always surprised at how some people can do such a poor job. (If you want someone to do it right, then just call us at (801) 224-8899)

But I don’t want you stuck in any ruff situations, and knowing what to look out for is half the battle. So here is my list of 4 Classic HVAC Shortcuts to Watch Out For. 

The Only Thing More Annoying Than Cats…

Everyone hates it when people make a mess out of your house. This is the #1 shortcut that some HVAC workers take.

They don’t put on shoe covers, they don’t lay down a drop cloth, and they just don’t clean up.

I may only be 1 ½  human years old, but even I know that this is a BIG “No-No”, and it is such a simple fix.

Shortcut #2- Not Leveling The Furnace Or Air Conditioner

This one is crazy to me because this can even make your furnace or AC unit break down. That’s dog-gone nuts!

That’d be like me spinning in 6 ½ circles before bed and then NOT laying down on my bed!?!? They’re just missing the whole point of getting a new unit…

#3 Not Wrapping The Supply-Side Ductwork.

If you don’t insulate your ductwork, you could be losing 10-30% of the energy used to heat or cool your home. 

Do you want to fork out an extra 30 bones a month on your energy bill?

I know I wouldn’t! (but my dog-house doesn’t have electricity so my bill is pretty low)

#4 Not Sealing All Of The Ductwork

This basically has the same consequence as #3, but you really have to be thorough to get this one done right.

This is actually why they won’t let me do ductwork… they say that “I’m distracted too easily” which seems like a little bit of a generalized dog stereotype- I mean I’m part poodle for darn sake!

But apparently Western’s Standard is higher than the smartest breed of dogs (ever)…

To their credit, they do a TON of training and certifications to make sure they get the job done right the first time. 

But I still think they should at least give me a chance to be the world’s best part-poodle HVAC contractor.

So try to get a poodle to do your work. But if you’re stuck with humans, then I’d definitely recommend calling (801) 224-8899 so Western could help you out.

Well I’ve got an appointment with my tail so I’ve gotta go, because I mean my tail isn’t going to chase itself!


– Part Poodle – HVAC Expert – Face-Licking Activist –

P.S. If you find a poodle doing HVAC tell them to give me a call about a business opportunity.

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