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How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

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How to Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality
Breathe Easy in Your Lehi, UT, Area Home with the Help of Western Your homes should be safe havens for your family’s health, safety and…
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Do I Need A Whole-Home Humidifier For My House In Utah?
Rid Your Home of Dry Air With A Whole-Home Humidifier  As the nights start to get cooler around Orem and Lehi, Utah in fall, the…
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Why You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned
Things Can Get Scary Without Clean Air Ducts! It’s a dark and stormy night. The temperature drops and you feel a chill. You turn on…
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Improve Your Indoor Air
Improve Your Indoor Air There is nothing more important to human life than air. A person can live three weeks without food. A person can…
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Why Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?
Why Clean Air Ducts? Answer: Because they get dirty! Many people don’t think about air duct cleaning until it is absolutely necessary. Because the air ducts are…
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Why your old vaporizer is probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to reduce a virus’s ability to spread within your home Many people don’t…
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How To Prevent Cold Spots in Your Home
There’s nothing like being inside your toasty house during winter while the wind howls outside and the snow accumulates everywhere. But if there’s a cold…
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Filter for your family. Filter for your home.
We all know how important it is to filter our thoughts before we speak.  We’ve all had that moment when something slips through that filter…
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Does indoor air quality even matter? Is it just a big hoax?
“DID YOU KNOW THAT THE AIR IN YOUR HOME COULD KILL YOU?!” For some reason, this is what you read whenever it comes to indoor…
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Hospitals use THIS technology to dust less and keep their air clean.
Every day you bring tens of thousands of air contaminants into your house. These contaminants grab onto your hands, clothes, and shoes to get into…
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