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Keep Cool and Save Big On Your Your Summer AC Bill

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Keep Cool and Save Big On Your Your Summer AC Bill
As the temperatures soar this summer, you'll likely rely more on your air conditioning (AC) unit to maintain a comfortable climate indoors. But along with…
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2023 Air Conditioner Mandates & What Homeowners Should Know
New Mandates Mean You May Spend More on a New AC Unit in 2023 At Western, we know being a homeowner can be a lot…
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Times when you (and your AC) need to rest and relax
Have you ever overworked yourself before? Maybe I should ask "When was the last time that you overworked yourself?" You may have been hitting a deadline, getting…
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Your AC Unit Might Be Sinking (and why it could be a big deal)
You can't believe what you’re seeing. You were just doing some weekend gardening. You know, mowing the lawn, pulling some weeds, doing some edging- the…
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Did you know about this loophole in most AC warranties?
Most of the time when you get a new AC unit, the manufacturer will give a 10-year warranty to show how much they believe in…
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3 AC Myths that MUST end!!
Do 1 google search and you're sure to get pages and pages of tips and tricks to save you money- but not all of them…
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How to Save Money on Your AC Energy Bill This Summer
How to Save Money on Your AC Energy Bill This Summer It's the hottest part of the summer and you can't be blamed for looking…
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Make Dad Smile With 9 Simple Ways to Reduce Your AC Usage This Summer
Is your Dad afraid to use the AC because of the utility bills? He might be concerned that your energy usage is about to climb…
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The Effects of High Temperatures on Your AC
Ready or not, the hot summer temperatures are here. Not only will you feel the effects when you take the kids to the park, but…
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Protect Your Home with an Attic Fan
If you own a home with an attic, temperatures can get as high as 150°F up there in the summer. That intense heat leaks into…
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