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HVAC Facts We Want You to Know

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HVAC Facts We Want You to Know
HVAC Facts We Want You to Know As an HVAC Contractor, some of our greatest challenges involve keeping your home’s indoor environment at the right…
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Why your old vaporizer is probably the quickest and most cost-effective way to reduce a virus’s ability to spread within your home Many people don’t…
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Gift of Heat Winner 2021
At 6:45am this Wednesday morning, a few members of our Western Heating and Air Family teamed up with FM100 radio station, and braved the dense,…
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How To Prevent Cold Spots in Your Home
There’s nothing like being inside your toasty house during winter while the wind howls outside and the snow accumulates everywhere. But if there’s a cold…
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Is it time for an HVAC upgrade?
Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, even with an HVAC system. You might be too busy to think about it but procrastinating…
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Tips for Optimizing Furnace Performance
When the temperature starts dropping, your first concern is making sure your furnace comes on and provides the heat you need. But the same way…
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Are You Ready For What’s Just Around The Corner??
Western Heating + Air is all about family. In fact, Western Heating + Air was founded as a family affair.  Founder, Rod Black, and his…
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Don’t Fly too close to the Sun: Tips for Careful AC Care
Have you heard the story of Icarus from Greek mythology? In order to escape a dangerous island, Icarus’s father made him some wings out of…
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Filter for your family. Filter for your home.
We all know how important it is to filter our thoughts before we speak.  We’ve all had that moment when something slips through that filter…
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Our Technician’s aren’t for everyone
Finding good HVAC technicians is hard nowadays. You waste money if you pay for an overpriced technician. You waste time and money if you pay…
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